I am a list maker from way back, but they are the answer to my sanity. Well, what I think is my sanity, anyway. One of my favorite go-to list ideas that I want to share with you in time for the holidays is my “set the table list”. Sound crazy? With so much going on during the holiday season, it’s really not. Give it a try.

Once I decide the color or theme for my holiday table, I make a list of everything I’ll need or use.This includes my tablecloth, napkins, napkin rings, dinnerware, glassware, candlesticks, votive holders, candles, place cards and holders, flowers and vases. The advance list helps me to think through the table setting process and remove items off of my mental list, which can get pretty overwhelming. Are the linens pressed? Is the silver clean? Which china am I using or do I want new linen place mats in a fun color this year?


Speaking of flowers, I don’t always plan exactly what I’ll use on the table. It’s always more fun to see what’s available in your color scheme at the florist or market and remember, simple is the new black. A few white stems in mix and match vases make a great statement. I’ve added cake stands to my table decor library. I love the way they look with little antique glass vases scattered on top. Stacking them gives height to the buffet table.

Happy Holidays!


Mrs. O

Image Source: Karin Lidbeck-Brent via Pinterest

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